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Custom precision rubber seals, gaskets and mouldings

FFKM explained!

FFKM - perfluoroelastomer - has application potential in a wide variety of very demanding situations - from the harsh down-hole conditions of oil well drilling to the ultra-pure environments inside semi-conductor manufacturing plant. But FFKM has problems: it is very difficult to mould – which means many rubber molders fight shy of specifying it – and it can be expensive.

By solving the first problem, DP Seals makes the second problem go away.

But why pick FFKM?

FFKM offers a higher temperature performance beyond that of most elastomers (see right).

Its chemical make-up (see “the science bit”) makes it highly resistant to an extremely wide range of solvents and chemicals – ensuring applications across the oil, gas, petrochemical and pharmaceutical arenas – and plasma’s, allowing use in, for example, semi-conductor manufacturing where its low permeation and outgassing characteristics are also important.

It is this combination of thermal and chemical resistance that sets FFKM apart from other materials (see below).

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So which industries use FFKM?
bullet mechanical seals, pumps and pipe work in all kinds of chemical processing plant
bullet manufacturing equipment, chemical delivery/recovery pipe-work, component transport, analytic/process instrumentation
bullet engine gas sensors and similar near-engine components
bullet down-hole electronics for oil and gas exploration, pipelines and valves
bullet jet and rocket engine components

But nothing’s perfect:

bullet compression set increases with temperature
bullet gland volume may need to be increased to allow for expansion at higher temperatures
bullet can swell from contact with uranium hexaflouoride, fully halogenated Freon®, and some fluorinated solvents
bullet is expensive
bullet and processing is difficult.

These last points are why most rubber molding manufacturers do not offer FFKM as one of the materials they provide.

Why DP Seals?
Because we have overcome the processing problems and the price issue.

We have already delivered FFKM parts to oilfield, pipeline and automotive customers’ specifications, enabling us to get to grips with and surmount the problems that this material presents. And on price: we currently appear to be less than half the price of our competition.

If you have a demanding rubber seal or molding application and been frightened of using FFKM, talk to us. We deliver custom rubber moldings at competitive prices.

If you are unsure about what material might be best, check out the article: "Mind the gap - a guide to custom rubber", for ideas, call us on +44 (1202) 674671 or email our .

Every customer receives the same high level of service from DP Seals: uncompromising quality control.

DP Seals AS 9100, ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 quality certificates

Click on the image to download PDFs of our AS 9100 with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Certificates, our Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety Policies document and RoSH compliance statement.

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